This was the knife that started it all. I have been building this knife for over 40 years, with the very first one (which I still have and use) that was pounded out on an anvil. It wasn’t long before people started wanting to buy them. Then trapping supply dealers wanted to handle them. It has been a battle trying to keep up with the demand, but every knife is still handmade by me in my shop, to exacting specifications. This is an all stainless blade and attachments, with walnut handles that you can never wear out! I build this knife in either SIS, sharp one side, or SBS , sharp both sides. I can also make custom lengths or handle sizes, but base off of the standard SIS for ordinary fleshing of pelts. The length of the blade is 15 inches long by 3 inches wide. Please contact me directly if you want a custom length or any variance in sharpening.





This knife is also called my narrow or skinny knife. I first built this knife in 1988 or 89, but chose to use it for a season, to make sure it was everything I thought it would be. I made a dozen up and took to the NTA convention that year, to find everybody talking about the new necker knife. Needless to say, I was disappointed, because if I had come out with it when I first thought of it, my knife would be the standard by which others are measured! But you cannot change history, so now everyone says “it’s like a necker”. Either way, it is a fine knife that is sharpened on opposite sides of the blade, so when switching from the sharp to the dull side, you just twist the knife to turn it over. Has a sharp edge for shaving, and a dull side for pushing the fat off. the reason it is called the parallel knife, is that I found a Native American artifact on the Ks river years ago. It also had the edges sharpened on opposite sides, and when I did the research on it, that is what it was called, hence the name for my knife. It also is all stainless, with walnut handles. Blade length is 15 inches by 1 1/2 inches wide. I can also build custom lengths and handle sizes.


75.00 dollars plus 15 bucks to ship.