The Death Ray

The last two years, I have been working on a humane, silent and effective way of dispatching animals caught in traps. I had used 220 bodygrips for a long time to dispatch racoons that were caught in DP or foothold traps. While very effective on large coons, smaller sizes were tough to get the trap positioned right to make a humane kill. I came up with an idea, built a prototype of a dispatch pole, and tried it. I was amazed! not only did it work on coons, but on everything I have ever tried it on! Coyotes, fox, possums, bobcats, mink, and whatever will go in the loop, will die quickly. I even had one of the people testing these, kill a skunk with one! Now, that’s not all, you can choose to catch and handle the animal, and release OR dispatch with this tool. Another good friend who wanted one as soon as he saw it, aptly named it the “DEATH RAY”. I thought that was a fitting name for as quickly as it works, so I christened it the DEATH RAY. Thanks Joe for the catchy name! The latest models come in two lengths, a four foot that reaches in the back of cages, and a two footer that works well on smaller animals. The new models can have the cable changed in a few minutes, as one of the biggest problems with the first models was the kinking of the cable. Anyone that has one of the original models, please contact me to arraign to have your original model brought up to present standards, free of charge. As always, I will continue to do my best to give you the most bang for your hard earned dollars!


short= $120.00 plus $15.00 to ship

Three footer = $130.00 plus $22.00 to ship

Four footer = $140.00 plus $25.00 to ship